Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy KIWI Products from?
A. All Electrical Wholesalers throughout New Zealand can supply the product to you. Please check our Links page for their sites.

Why does my KIWI unit keep turning down?
A. ALL KIWI Dimmers and Controllers have two levels of Thermal Protection. One of these is the Thermal Turn Down protection. If the temperature rises above the rating then this turn down protection will be activated.

How do I stop my KIWI unit from turning down?
A. Check that there are no other heat sources. (ie. other dimmers) If there are none then the solution in every instance is to offer more ventilation. Actual airflow is far more important than the size of the cavity the unit is mounted in.

Why does my KIWI Motor Controller start then turn off?
A. Unlike other fan motor controllers, the KIWI Motor Controller continuosly monitors power factor for induced DC, false triggering and excess startup current. This monitoring is being done to ensure the long term reliability of the application. Inducing DC or allowing false triggering to occur, will increase the motor running temperature and ultimately could burnout the electric motor.

Confirm that the correct KIWI Motor Controller is being used. For loads under 350va use KIWI Motor Controller model K004M. (see the KIWI Selection Chart)

To test the motor controller on site, connect a 100watt incandescent lamp to the output. Confirm the lamp ramps up and down and responds as expected. With this being successful then there is more than likely a fault with the motor or circuit.