UNIVERSAL Dimmer - U Series

Lighting Controller Kit

Recommended for...

  • LED Drivers
  • Mains rated LEDs
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Electronic Transformers
  • Wire Wound Transformers

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Va Rating



  • Dims ALL indirect Loads!
    Made to control ALL indirect lighting up to 1000va.

  • Low current device
    Keeps working on low power loads, all the way down to 5watts or less. (as needed with LEDs and compact fluorescents)

  • FULL means FULL
    Brighter lights and increased efficiency achieved be active power factor sensing. 240volts in and up to 237.6volts out, 99% efficient.

  • Extended Lamp Life
    Pre-Heat and Soft Start reduces the start current and eliminates thermal shock.

  • Personalised Control
    With minimum and maximum trimmers; you can set the output range for the user.

  • Thermal Safety PLUS
    Temperature compensation built in and backed by a Thermal Fuse for guaranteed safety.

  • Easy Installation
    Clicks straight into PDL, HPM and Clipsal flush plates with adaptors supplied.

  • New Zealand
    Designed, Manufactured and Technically supported.


For compatibility with transformers view the Transformer Guide

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